Lest We Forget:
   World War II












German infantry moving through a burning town
A dejected French infantryman
after battle
German soldier clearing a pillbox
Victorious Germans at Westerplatte

Free Polish fighters in North Africa
Aussie troops capturing a German tank crew in North Africa
The Scots Guards in Egypt
Panzergrenadiers advancing on the Eastern Front

Russian anti-tank gun in Stalingrad
Free Polish soldiers fighting at Tobruk
Australian soldiers moving through rubble in Sicily
A German infantryman on the Eastern Front
Camoflouged Australian artillery in Italy
Polish infantrymen fighting near Monte Cassino
Huge column of German prisoners in Italy
German soldiers fighting in Greece

Soviet infantryman hurling a grenade

German soldiers move through a destroyed Russian factory
GIs under mortar fire in a small town

Long line of American soldiers in Italy
A German flak battery fires into the night sky
German rail artillery piece

German troops advancing through a burning Soviet village
American airborne infantrymen exiting their glider
American infantrymen unloading onto Omaha Beach
Going "over the top" on D-Day

British and Canadian troops landing on D-Day
Replacements press inland on D+1
Canadian mortar team in action
Russian machine-gun team advancing
Soviet infantry and armor moving together
Soviet infantry and tanks moving in the snow
Massive airdrop in the south of France

Parading through Paris
Russian soldier advancing in the snow
American artillery piece being fired at night

A Russian anti-aircraft gun crew at work

A German patrol moves forward
Market Garden drop

German soldier throwing a potato masher grenade
Jubilant citizens greet Allied airborne forces during Market-Garden
Soviet machine gun crew covering troop movement
Market-Garden dropzone littered with debris
Group of American paratroopers displaying a souvenir

Two Soviet troops charging

American soldiers in deep snow
U.S. 60th Infantry in Holland
GIs in Belgium
German troops in Holland

German machine gun squad in combat

American medic with a heavy pack
British paratroopers in Holland

A Russian combined arms attack
The bridge at Remagen
GI scouting the Remagen bridge
German infantrymen surrending to a GI and a tank
American mortar team firing

Soviet soldiers clearing a minefield
GIs crossing the Rhine
Russian troops storming a building in Sevastapol
Column of German POWs
American soldiers passing through the Siegfried Line
German infantryman headed for battle

A GI keeps a wary eye on German prisoners
Hammer and Sickle being raised above the Reichstag
Soviet troops celebrating on top of the Reichstag

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