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August 23: Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact signed

September 1: Germany invades Poland

September 3: Britian and France declare war on Germany

September 17: Soviet Union invades Poland

September 27: Poland surrenders to Germany

November 30: Soviets invade Finland



March 12: Finns sign peace with Soviets, with far-reaching concessions

April 9: Germany invades Denmark and Norway, meeting resistance only from Norway

May 10: Germany invades Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
              Churchill becomes PM of Great Britian

May 14: Germany invades France
              The Netherlands surrenders

May 28: Belgium Surrenders to Germany

May 26 - June 4: Evacuation of British and French soldiers at Dunkirk

June 10: Italy declares war on Britian and France

June 14: Germans enter Paris

June 22: France surrenders to Germany

July 10: Beginning of the Battle of Britian

July 23: Soviets take Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

August 25: First British air raid on Berlin

December 15: British drive the Italian Army out of Egypt  



March 11: Lend-Lease Bill passed, allowing Roosevelt to provide aid to Britian and other Allied nations

March 28: British fleet dominates Italian Navy, gaining superiority in the Mediterranean

March 30: Afrika Korps launches counteroffensive in North Africa

April 6: Nazis invade Greece and Yugoslavia

April 14: Rommel attacks Tobruk

April 18: Yugoslav forces surrender, but guerilla resistance continues in force

May 10: Deputy Fuhrer Rudolph Hess parachutes into Scotland on a personal "peace mission". He is immediately put into a POW camp.

May 24: British flagship Hood sunk by the German battleship Bismark

May 27: Bismark sunk by British Navy, a Polish vessel is the first to engage her

June 14: Roosevelt freezes all Axis assets in the US.
              State Department orders the closing of all German consular offices

June 22: Germany attacks the Soviet Union on a 1,000 mile front

August 14: Atlantic Charter signed by Roosevelt and Churchill

September 8: Germans encircle Leningrad, beginning a 900 day siege of the city

September 19: Germans occupy Kiev

November 18: Britsh begin desert offensive in Libya

December 7: Pearl Harbor is attacked by the Japanese

December 8: US declares war on Japan

December 11: Germany and Italy declare war on United States



June 21: Rommel captures Tobruk

June 25: Eisenhower appointed commander of US forces in Europe

July 1: Sevastopol falls to Germans

August 19: British/Canadian commandos raid Dieppe, suffering heavy losses

August 31: British defeat Afrika Korps at the Battle of Alam Halfa

November 5: Rommel, beaten at Alamein, retreats to Tunisia

November 13: British retake Tobruk

November 19: Battle of Stalingrad marks beginning of Soviet counteroffensive



January 14 - January 24: Roosevelt and Churchill hold Casablanca Conference

January 30: RAF makes first daylight raid on Berlin

February 2: Germans surrender at Stalingrad

May 12: Allies achieve victory in North Africa

July 9: Allies invade Sicily

July 25: Mussolini resigns as Italian premier, Badoglio is his replacement

August 1: Ploesti oil fields bombed by USAAF

August 17: Conquest of Sicily completed

September 3: Allies invade Italian mainland

September 8: Italians surrender to Allies. Germans carry on fight, putting up fierce resistance

September 10: Germans capture Rome

October 1: Allies capture Naples

October 13: Italy declares war on Germany

November 6: Soviets liberate Kiev

November 28 - December 1: "Big Three" meet at Teheran

December 24: Eisenhower appointed SCAEFE (Supreme Commander Allied Expeditionary Force - Europe)  



January 22: Allies land at Anzio behind German lines

February 2: Soviets enter Estonia, Latvia

March 20: Nazis invade Hungary to meet threat in Balkans

May 9: Soviets liberate Sevastopol

May 23: Allies begin offensive from the Anzio beachhead

June 4: Allies take Rome

June 6: Operation Overlord - Invasion of "Fortress Europe" - D-Day

June 13: First operational use of the V-1 rocket by Germans against England

June 27: Germans abandon Cherbourg

July 11: Soviets enter Latvia and Lithuania

July 18: British Second Army breaks German lines at Caen, France

July 20: Attempt on Hitler's life results only in slight injury

July 26: Americans break through German lines near St. Lo, France

August 11: Germans abandon Florence, Allies close in

August 15: Allies invade Southern France

August 21: US troops close in on Paris

August 23: Rumania surrenders to Soviets; joins Allies

August 25: Paris liberated

September 3: British liberate Brussels

September 4: Finland and Russia sign armistice

September 8: First German V-2 rockets land on London

September 17: Allied airborne troops land deep inside the Netherlands, marking the beginning of Operation Market-Garden (which would become the last German victory of the war)

October 3: After two months of fighting, the Warsaw Uprising is quelched, leaving over 90% of Warsaw in ruin

November 7: Roosevelt elected to fourth term as President

December 16: Ardennes Offensive (Battle of the Bulge) undertaken by Germans

December 26: US forces at Bastogne relieved by Allied spearhead, effectively ending the Ardennes Offensive  



January 17: Soviets capture Warsaw

February 4 - February 11: "Big Three" meet at Yalta; plan occupation of Germany, etc.

March 4: Finland declares war on Germany

March 7: US First Army crosses the Rhine at Remagen
               Cologne falls to the Allies    

April 12: Roosevelt dies, succeeded by Harry S Truman

April 13: Vienna falls to the Red Army

April 16: Soviets begin final push to Berlin

April 25: "East Meets West" between US and Soviets at Torgau

April 28: Mussolini killed

April 30: Hitler commits suicide
              Soviet flag raised over Berlin
              33,000 prisoners freed from the Dachau death camp

May 2: Berlin falls to Soviets
            German troops in Northern Italy surrender

May 7: Germany surrenders unconditionally to Allies

May 8: V-E day celebrated by Allied nations

June 5: Four Powers (US, Russia, Britain, France) assume supreme power in Germany

June 26: UN established

August 2: Pottsdam Accords signed and made public


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