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Japanese overrun Chinese Manchuria, resign from League of Nations



Clashes between Japanese and Chinese develop into all-out war

Japanese capture Peking, Shanghai, and other important cities



February: Japan siezes Hainan Island

July: With the permission of the Vichy Government, Japan moves troops into northern Indochina

September 27: Japan joins the Axis by signing the Tripartite Pact



June: Japan now occupies all of Indochina

July 26: Roosevelt freezes all Japanese assests in the U.S., levies embargo on Japan

October 17: General Hideki Tojo, war minister and leader of military extremists, becomes Prime Minister of Japan

December 7: Japan unleashes surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. U.S. Pacific fleet is decimated

December 8: U.S. Congress declares war on Japan, Britain declares war on Japan
                     Japan invades Thailand, Malaya, and the Phillipines

December 10: Japanese air attacks sink two British warships near Malaya

December 25: Hong Kong surrenders to Japan  



January 1: Twenty-six nations sign the Declaration of the United Nations, forming a coalition against the Axis

January 2: Japanese occupy Manila, MacArthur retreats to the Bataan peninsula

February 15: British forces in Singapore surrender to Japan

February 27 - March 1: Small Allied naval force destroyed in the Battle of the Java Sea

March 7: British evacuate Burma

March 9: Java unconditionally surrenders to Japanese

April 9: U.S. forces on Bataan surrender to Japanese

April 18: Famous "Doolittle Raid" on Tokyo shatters Japanese myth of the impregnability of the home islands

May 4 - May 8: Battle of the Coral Sea

May 6: Beginning of the Bataan Death March

June 3 - June 6: Battle of Midway. Carrier U.S.S. Lexington sunk, Japan loses 4 carriers; sea power severely crippled

August 7: U.S. Marines land on Guadalcanal



February 7: Japanese evacuate Guadalcanal

March 2 - March 4: Battle of the Bismarck Sea, large portion of Japanese fleet destroyed

May 11: U.S. forces land in Aleutian Islands

November 1: American troops land on Solomon Islands

November 20: American marines land on Tarawa



February 2 - February 7: U.S. Marines capture Marshall Islands

February 21: Tojo becomes military dictator of Japan

July 9: American forces take Saipan after a month-long struggle

July 21: U.S. troops establish beachheads on Guam

August 10: Americans liberate Guam

October 20: Americans land in the Philippines

October 23 - October 26: Battle of Leyte Gulf, Japanese fleet suffers heavy losses

November 6: Stalin renounces neutrality pact with Japan

November 24: U.S. B-29's from Saipan bomb Tokyo



January 9: MacArthur's forces land on Luzon, 100 miles from Manila

February 3: U.S. liberates Manila

February 19: U.S. Marines land on Iwo Jima

February 23: Marines capture Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima

March 9: Biggest bombing of Tokyo flattens 16 square miles and kills 100,000

March 26: Iwo Jima secured

April 1: Americans invade Okinawa

April 7: Suzuki becomes PM of Japan

April 12: Roosevelt dies, succeeded by Truman

May 3: Rangoon liberated by British

June 21: Americans achieve victory on Okinawa

July 4: MacArthur announces liberation of all of Philippines

July 16: Atom bomb successfully tested in New Mexico

August 6: Atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima

August 9: Atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki

August 14: Japan surrenders unconditionally

September 2: Japan signs formal surrender aboard the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay


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